Monday, August 16, 2010

Why yes...I am a nerd.

The hubby and I know that we are nerds and even kind of take pleasure in this fact. There was a time when we would even take Trivial Pursuit cards with us when we went out to eat, and would spend the meal asking each other questions. It was a lot of fun. Honestly!

Recently the hubby showed me this website. It’s a wonderful site for trivia buffs and general nerds. In fact, even more recently, my friend S and I spent at least 30 minutes playing on the site and sending the quizzes (and our results) to one another when we really should have been heading to our respective beds. Oops.

The site: mentally stimulating diversions.

Check it out. It’s not really a waste of time if there is intellectual stimulation involved, right?


  1. Umm.. sure.... its all about learning... lol. I'm glad I beat you on one! :)

  2. Hubby informed me that we are not nerds, but rather we are geeks. lol