Friday, August 20, 2010

Project Backpack update

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the kindness of others.

Last week I talked to the current president of the branch library’s Friends group. As an official group donation, the Friends purchased two backpacks and the supplies to fill them.

A coworker who lives in the community that's being served by my backpack project sent my email to her friends and family.

Yesterday she brought in several bags worth of school supplies, including two nearly complete backpacks and three empty backpacks.

Then...Sharon, who I already know is an all around awesome person, donated money - enough to purchase 3 more backpacks!
All in all, I think that about 15 backpacks will be donated, and a bunch of excess supplies! I'm also donating a bunch of books for the classroom libraries.

Each backpack has a sheet of stickers, 2 silly bandz and 3 paperback books in them in addition to the supplies.
I'm just amazed. I hope that next year goes just as well - if not much better.
Here are a couple updated photos of the goods. What you can’t tell is that there are three completed backpacks and six nearly completed backpacks. You also can’t really tell just how many school supplies are in that crate. It’s amazing.

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