Friday, August 13, 2010


This is going to be a busy weekend. That’s ok, though. It is also going to be a fun one!

Tonight is scrapbooking. Usually I’m there from 6:30ish until it ends for the evening at midnight. I’m still working on my sister’s wedding, and anticipate finishing it sometime close to never. lol

Saturday I am off work. Yay! Instead of sleeping in, though, I will be returning for day two of scrapping. I’m not staying the whole day, though, as I have an appointment at 1:30. Time for some pampering. I’ll be getting a manicure, pedicure and getting the brow situation taken care of. I adore this bi-monthly treat. Not only because it is great to be a little pampered, but because my friend MM is such fun to be around. She does a great job, too.

The hubby returns home sometime Saturday evening. We have talked about painting the living room. I really hope we can get started on it then, though I haven’t had a chance to prep the walls yet. Hmmm…

I have Mass on Sunday morning. I really enjoy going to this Church.

There aren’t any other definite plans for the weekend. I would like to go and see a movie – perhaps at the local drive-in? Guess I should see what is playing. Hubby and I are both off on Monday, too, so we’ve lots of time to go out and have fun. Perhaps the humidity and heat will not be so oppressive and we can actually spend time outside.

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