Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dear Maven - Milder Scents?

Dear Maven,

Your candles are fabulous! I always look forward to burning them to freshen different areas of my home. I have, however, noticed that some candles do not seem to have as much fragrance as others. Sometimes I feel like I’m smelling the wax more than the scent and I’m tempted to add some of your Diffuser oil with a dropper to give the candle a fragrance boost. What do you suggest when I get a candle that seems to have limited fragrance?

Well, first let me say that flattery will get you everywhere. I like to think that I had a little something to do with your satisfaction with our candles, as I am always offering our R & D department my sage advice – sometimes solicited and frequently not.

Moving on to your question, my answer is best summed up in the old saying, ‘Patience is a virtue.’ When you receive a candle that does not seem to have a strong scent, the best recommendation is to put it away and smell it again the next morning to make sure your nose isn’t playing tricks on you. Personally, after a long day of latte runs to my local café, slathering myself with cosmetics, heading to the mall food court to grab a bite to eat, re-spritzing myself with my favorite body spray (Your Inspraytion™ Body Mist from our EMERGE™ collection, of course) and pumping gas (ick!), my nose understandably has an identity crisis on its hands and can’t smell the full bouquet of fragrance notes that may be present in one of Gold Canyon’s amazing candles. Bottom line: it’s a good idea to give your nose a break and check out that new candle a second time when you know your nose is fresh and hasn’t been assaulted by the variety of smells you’re likely to encounter throughout the course of your day.

If you have given your olfactory senses a break and are certain your new candle doesn’t smell like it should, please contact Gold Canyon and let us send you an exchange. Everyone here takes maintaining our reputation as “The World’s Finest”® quite seriously and we truly want you to be completely satisfied. Additionally, we may request that you return the candle to us so we can get to the bottom of it if there is a quality issue. Our goal is that every single candle produced be perfect every time.

One last note of expert advice, DO NOT use your Diffuser oil in your candle! This will eventually cause your wick to stop functioning correctly and your candle will not burn. For more information about the appropriate use of Gold Canyon Diffusers (and every other fabulous product we offer), consult your Gold Canyon Demonstrator.

Dear Maven is a column in our monthly demonstrator’s newsletters. I have not written any of these articles, but am sharing them here for your information.

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