Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lingering scent

It has been a while since I have lit a candle in my home. Don’t worry! I still have been scenting my home with great Gold Canyon products. I’ve been using my pod warmers and room sprays.

Last night I lit one of the 26 ounce Heritage candles I have (we won’t discuss how many I have). The scent is Cinnamon, which is a fairly strong scent. I had the candle burning for less than four hours. When I left for work this morning – about six hours after extinguishing the candle (using a wick dipper, of course), the house still smelled like the candle was burning.

Then I came home from work. By now it was at least 15 hours since the candle was extinguished. It still smelled delicious in the house – as if that same candle had been burning!

Wait. There’s more! It’s now been 21 hours since I put that candle out. I can still smell the cinnamon scent in the air.

Now that is what I call a high quality candle!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Prepping for Party Time

Last night I did a candle party at Marie’s new home. Her family just moved in about a week ago!

What fun! Marie made some delicious pepperoni rolls and had fresh fruit and other snacks for dipping in chocolate fondue. She had two outside orders already for the party, and everyone who attended ordered something. There are a few more orders still coming in, but already it is a very successful party.

I do a little prep work for my parties. Some demonstrators don’t do as much, having different styles for presentation and ordering. I just like to be as organized as I can. It is helpful for me and nice for my customers as well.

I put inside each catalog four things: an order form (stamped or stickered “Thank You” on the last page), a Deal or No Deal envelope (a booking party game), a Customer Information card (used for a drawing), and a business card. Depending on how many people are expected at the party, I often put the catalogs on clipboards. If there are more than a dozen people expected, I offer the clipboards at the party.

Products to display
Of course it is important to pack up products to show and tell! I try to have at least the following key items:

Sometimes I have other items as well. I always ask my host if there is anything that she or he would like for me to focus on from the catalog.

Scent Samples

Of course I wouldn’t be a candle demonstrator worth much of anything if I didn’t offer a complete line of scent samples! Once upon a time I kept the samples separated by their type. I’ve since found that there are several great reasons to just put them in the containers however they will fit.

  • If there isn’t much room to put out the containers, having the scents combined instead of separated by scent line or family means less containers to find a space to place!
  • Children of all ages LOVE to check out the scents, but they rarely put them back in the correct spots. Since many of my hosts have young children, I try to set up my products to keep them safely out of the reach for little hands. However, the scent samples are something they are still drawn to. That’s OK. It is actually a lot of fun to share the scents with a little one. Also, who wants to get a candle that they think smells great only to have their child loudly proclaim that they don’t like it?
  • It is actually easier for me to keep track of the scents. I now know that we currently have 100 scents available. If I am missing one or two, I can easily tell.

Other goodies

I do games at parties if they are requested. If not, I still do two – less involved – “games”: Deal or No Deal, and Customer Info Card drawing. Because of the drawing, I always bring a few prizes for the winner to choose from: Scented Bookmarks, Auto Air Fresheners, Wick Dippers, Polished Square Tealight Glass Candle Holders, and a few other fun things.

I also bring along the following:

  • Host packets – for anyone who takes the Deal or No Deal offer!
  • Fliers - to advertise my Party Perks, the Gold Customer Program (only available through me), the current and next month’s Promotions, and other important information.
  • Extra order forms – in case we need more!
  • Host Gift – always important. Sometimes it is something that I use as part of my display as well.

Seems like a lot, I know. It really isn’t though, and it takes just a small bit of time to put together. The items may vary, depending on the amount of space available and whether the host has any requests. The most important thing I bring, though, is my excitement for Gold Canyon and all of the products.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Maven - Skin Care

Dear Maven,

With summer right around the corner and the winter clothes being shed I am gearing up for summer skin! My massage therapist told me that glycerin is the main ingredient needed to reach our sub dermal layer of skin. What is so important about this statement and is there glycerin in any of our EMERGE® products?

You would be jealous of the great summer skin I already have—thanks to EMERGE of course! OK, I’ve got the gloating off my chest and now I can give you the 411.

Your massage therapist is on the right path, but what we really want to do is keep our skin in great condition overall. Glycerin is one of the excellent skin care ingredients and it has been touted by dermatologists and scientists consistently over the past 40 to 50 years. Glycerin still receives attention today for its positive effects and many of the EMERGE products contain glycerin as a key ingredient.

1. Raise Your Hand Silk™
2. Smoothing the Way™ Body Crème
3. Stepping Out™ Foot Crème
4. Ready to Shine™ Body Polish
5. Out on a Limb™ Body Lotion
6. Renew Your Soul™ Bath Soak

What’s so great about glycerin? Well, glycerin is one of the best humectant raw materials available.
(Humectants are something that attract water to the skin). Glycerin is also thought to have an effect on the skin barrier function, reducing the amount of damage soaps or detergent exposure might do to the skin.* Glycerin's ability to both attract moisture and mitigate damage potential from soaps and detergents is the real advantage of glycerin.

These EMERGE products contain glycerin, but with all of the EMERGE products you can expect to experience the nourishing benefit of living ionic minerals as well as antioxidant botanical extracts and beautiful botanical essences that all together create a renewing and nourishing experience.

Now that is good news for creating “summer” skin!

Your Summer Skin Expert,

Dear Maven is a column in our monthly demonstrator’s newsletters. I have not written any of these articles, but am sharing them here for your information.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brit TV 4 Me

The hubby and I subscribe to Netflix. We subbed in the past, and really enjoyed it, but dropped the subscription when money got tight. Several months ago we signed up again. We both love the instant viewing option – especially through our Wii. Who needs cable/satellite television when there is so much available to watch through Netflix, Hulu and your local library’s holdings?

I find myself drawn to British TV shows. Namely, shows with a fantasy or sci-fi element. I’m amazed at how awesome, yet still often horrible, the effects are in British TV. There are scenes that look so amazingly realistic, and then a moment later you can almost see the strings making the robot or dragon move.

My recent BBC show of choice is Merlin. I’m about halfway through the first season. The show is about Merlin as a teenager – a la Smallville and Superman. The characters and their stories have somewhat been altered from typical Arthurian legend, but overall it’s a fairly decent show. An added bonus? Lots of eye candy.

Gwen, Lancelot and Merlin


Photos from BBC's website.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yay! Mail!

It might seem kind of silly, but I LOVE getting party orders delivered to my home.

Yes, there is some work involved. I separate the orders, making sure the quality it not only up to Gold Canyon’s standards, but up to my own high standards. I trim the wicks of all jar candles and put reorder labels on everything. Then each order goes into its own bag, along with a candle care postcard and a business card stamped or stickered with “Thank You”. To make it easier for the hostess to deliver the orders, I mark each bag with its owner’s name, and put a copy of the order form into the bag.

The work takes little time, and is well worth the excitement and fun from seeing the packages waiting at my door and checking out what everyone has ordered. Also, it’s a great chance to see products in person that I haven’t ordered for myself.

As you might guess, I’m one of those people who love to get things in the mail…unless those things are bills.

In other news, an update to my recent post about my beloved iPhone. The majority of my contacts have been recovered! A clerk at my local AT&T store showed me how to recover the contacts from my sim card. Thankfully, I made it a habit to save most of my contacts to the sim card. Unfortunately, though, I still lost most of my photos, including several that had yet to be uploaded to Facebook. C’est la vie. I still love my phone.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sweet Summer Evenings

Summer is here, and with the sunny, hot days comes the pesky bugs, especially as the evening cools. Enjoy the soothing scents of Jasmine Lime or Papaya Passion citronella candles, and keep the bugs from biting. These two 14 ounce specialty candles have the power of citronella without the smell of it ruining the effect of a peaceful evening on the porch. Priced at only $13.98, they are sure to fit your budget.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


As I previously noted, and as people around me on a regular basis have often heard me remark since the end of April, I love my iPhone.

I do not, however, love what has happened with my iPhone.

Last night I when ahead and downloaded the upgrade to OS 4. I then lost nearly all of my contacts. The only numbers I still had in my phone under contacts were the six that I have as favorites (the hubby, my parents and my sisters). But, the entries don’t have names, just numbers, which means I don’t know which number is for whom.

I also lost all but 4 of my photos – including ones taken before the last backup was saved.

The numbers I lost were not only close friends and family members, but also Gold Canyon customers, doctor’s offices, restaurants. Some are easy to look up again, but what a major pain in the ass.

As you can imagine, much swearing ensued last night. Tears were not shed, but there was a strong threat of them.

I already have to head to the AT&T store today, as the car charger stopped working this weekend. Since I bought it with my phone, I am hoping they will replace it. It’s too new to just crap out like that.

By the way, if you are out of town on a day trip and need to charge your iPhone, but your car charge is on crack, might I recommend stopping at a store like Best Buy. You can do what the hubby and I did…pretend to look at iPods while secretly plugging in your phone to the display model’s cord. Works like a charm.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I'm home from DC. The trip home was a lot shorter than the one there, since the train was running on time. While there were some annoyances with the trip home - like being seated in a car with no outlets - overall it was a pleasant trip. I love taking the train. Just look at these views! (photos taken with my iPhone)

DC was wonderful. I could have done without the heat - it was in the upper 90s the whole time - but I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in the city. Hopefully I can make the trip there again sometime soon and really see the city.

I ate several wonderful meals. If you are in town and looking for a delicious pizza, I highly recommend Ella's on 9th street. It's downtown - close to a lot of the attractions. The wood fired pizza is heavenly. Want something sweet? Try the Double Chocolate Pudding. It is OMG delicious! I loved the place so much I ate there twice. I could have easily eaten there every day.

A few photos from my iPhone:

margherita pizza (buffalo mozzarell a, basil, tomato sauce, olive oil and sea salt)

My lunch partner's meal - Calzone con salsiccia (pepperoni, sausage, ricotta, parmesan, tomato, onions and sweet peppers )

From another trip, mozzarella carrozza (lightly breaded and fried blend of mozzarella, ricotta & parmesan with a balsamic-tomato sauce)

My roommates and I also ate at a fantastic place called Oya. I don't have any photos of our meal, as it was too dark to really take any. My complaints don't stem from the actual food, but rather our server and the atmosphere. The place was beautiful. The noise, however, was too much. I could barely hear myself think, let alone have a conversation with my dinner companions or hear the server talk. It was also a little too dim, making it difficult to read the menus.

I ordered from the prix fixe menu. For $29, I got a salad, meal and dessert. I choose the spinach and pear salad, sans bleu cheese and the Grilled Beef Sirloin (coriander pepper | ginger carrots | fingerling potatoes). For dessert, I opted for Bittersweet Molten Chocolate Cake (Mandarin orange anglaise | vanilla ice cream). My companions ordered sushi for dinner and shared a strawberry shortcake for dessert.

I ordered my dessert when I ordered my meal, as that is when the server asked what I wanted. However, when my friends received their dessert, I was left waiting for mine...and waiting...and waiting. Finally I was able to flag down our server to ask for my dessert. It was heavenly once it finally arrived.

Then she brought us our check. When we asked for it to be split by what we each ordered, we were told that the only way it could be done is if we do the math!!

All in all, I would go again. Next time, however, I'll be sure to clearly explain our preferred method of payment before we actually order.

I hope to make the trip again sometime. I think it would be great for the hubby and I to take the train to Harpers Ferry, WV and spend a couple days there, then hop back on the train and head to DC for a few days.