Wednesday, July 7, 2010


As I previously noted, and as people around me on a regular basis have often heard me remark since the end of April, I love my iPhone.

I do not, however, love what has happened with my iPhone.

Last night I when ahead and downloaded the upgrade to OS 4. I then lost nearly all of my contacts. The only numbers I still had in my phone under contacts were the six that I have as favorites (the hubby, my parents and my sisters). But, the entries don’t have names, just numbers, which means I don’t know which number is for whom.

I also lost all but 4 of my photos – including ones taken before the last backup was saved.

The numbers I lost were not only close friends and family members, but also Gold Canyon customers, doctor’s offices, restaurants. Some are easy to look up again, but what a major pain in the ass.

As you can imagine, much swearing ensued last night. Tears were not shed, but there was a strong threat of them.

I already have to head to the AT&T store today, as the car charger stopped working this weekend. Since I bought it with my phone, I am hoping they will replace it. It’s too new to just crap out like that.

By the way, if you are out of town on a day trip and need to charge your iPhone, but your car charge is on crack, might I recommend stopping at a store like Best Buy. You can do what the hubby and I did…pretend to look at iPods while secretly plugging in your phone to the display model’s cord. Works like a charm.

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