Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy birthday to me!

My 3rd birthday.  Dad in the background.

Today is my birthday!  I am very happily 36 today. That’s right.  I am HAPPY about my age.  In fact, I count down to my birthday every year.  I hear I get rather annoying.  That’s just part of the fun!

Why am I still so excited about my birthday?  Why shouldn’t I be?  Our culture insists on trying to be younger than our actual age, instead of celebrating the achievement of reaching another birthday.  At least until we reach such milestones as 90 or 100.  Many joke that they are “29 again”.  Personally, I’m glad to be in my 30s.  I’m finding this decade to be a wonderful one! 

What little girl doesn't want a Rainbow Brite birthday cake?
My philosophy on birthdays is rather simple.  It’s a day that is all about you.  If you’ve had a bad year, celebrate that you have survived it!  If it was a great year, rejoice in that.  Overall, it is better than the alternative. 

I’ve always been excited about my birthday.  When I was in kindergarten I planned my own birthday party at McDonald’s.  My parents found out after a classmate’s parent asked about it.  Luckily, they were able to make it happen!    
The year I planned my own birthday party. I was an advanced 4 year old! lol
I’m working today. The hubby is on the road.  My big plans for tonight are to go home to the pups, spend some time with them, and go out to dinner by myself (with a book, of course).  I might stop at Dairy Queen and get an ice cream cake to share with my coworkers – just because I can.