Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lingering scent

It has been a while since I have lit a candle in my home. Don’t worry! I still have been scenting my home with great Gold Canyon products. I’ve been using my pod warmers and room sprays.

Last night I lit one of the 26 ounce Heritage candles I have (we won’t discuss how many I have). The scent is Cinnamon, which is a fairly strong scent. I had the candle burning for less than four hours. When I left for work this morning – about six hours after extinguishing the candle (using a wick dipper, of course), the house still smelled like the candle was burning.

Then I came home from work. By now it was at least 15 hours since the candle was extinguished. It still smelled delicious in the house – as if that same candle had been burning!

Wait. There’s more! It’s now been 21 hours since I put that candle out. I can still smell the cinnamon scent in the air.

Now that is what I call a high quality candle!

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