Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yay! Mail!

It might seem kind of silly, but I LOVE getting party orders delivered to my home.

Yes, there is some work involved. I separate the orders, making sure the quality it not only up to Gold Canyon’s standards, but up to my own high standards. I trim the wicks of all jar candles and put reorder labels on everything. Then each order goes into its own bag, along with a candle care postcard and a business card stamped or stickered with “Thank You”. To make it easier for the hostess to deliver the orders, I mark each bag with its owner’s name, and put a copy of the order form into the bag.

The work takes little time, and is well worth the excitement and fun from seeing the packages waiting at my door and checking out what everyone has ordered. Also, it’s a great chance to see products in person that I haven’t ordered for myself.

As you might guess, I’m one of those people who love to get things in the mail…unless those things are bills.

In other news, an update to my recent post about my beloved iPhone. The majority of my contacts have been recovered! A clerk at my local AT&T store showed me how to recover the contacts from my sim card. Thankfully, I made it a habit to save most of my contacts to the sim card. Unfortunately, though, I still lost most of my photos, including several that had yet to be uploaded to Facebook. C’est la vie. I still love my phone.

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