Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dear Maven - Wick won't stay lit?

Dear Maven,

What do you do with a candle, or specifically the wicks, that won’t stay lit especially in the larger size jars?

If you have a wick that won’t light, you’ve simply gone too far. It’s like saying, “now that I have a traffic ticket, how do I make it go away?” The trick is not to get the traffic ticket to begin with! Let me explain…

When you first receive your candle, you may notice that sometimes the top is not completely flat across. This is completely normal. The top becomes caved in when the natural crystallization process experiences slightly differing humidity and temperatures.

If you come across a candle like this, the trick is not to trim your wick for the first lighting. I know you’re thinking about that mantra that’s ingrained in your brain about always trimming your wicks. However, this is a special case. I give you permission to not trim your wicks—just this once!

You’ll need to plan on a first burn of approximately four hours to condition the candle but after this first burn it should level itself out. Once your candle is flat, then trim to ¼ inch and continue to burn.
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