Sunday, August 8, 2010

how does my garden grow?

My garden isn’t going as well this year as I would like. Partly this is due to my lackadaisical approach to gardening. At least I know it’s my own fault!

I like to refer to my garden as uncertified organic. I don’t add anything to the soil that it didn’t come with when I purchased the bag at Home Depot. I spray the plants only with water. Heck…this year I even let the rabbits nibble, as I didn’t even put up fencing! (Remember, lackadaisical gardening.)

Surprisingly to me, there are tomatoes growing. They aren’t pretty, but they sure are tasty! The other night I made a delicious tomato salad for dinner. It was simple to make. Fresh tomatoes diced. Cracked black pepper. Cracked sea salt and garlic. Olive oil. Balsamic vinegar. That’s it. There were leftovers, so I went out and picked several sprigs of fresh basil and added it to the container. I would have brought some in before, but decided I didn’t want to go out in the rain (yay! Blessed rain!).

I should have taken a photo. As well as being delicious, it was also very pretty.

There are a lot of green tomatoes still on the plants. Some plants even have flowers still! I might end up with a decent crop yet.

One other thing to note. As well as loving the taste of freshly picked tomatoes, I also love the smell of tomato plants. Sure moving the leaves and stems around to pick the ripe red tomatoes leaves my hands a greenish color. But the scent is nearly as intoxicating to me as the taste of the fruit itself.

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