Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Simply sensational scents

I’ve been at this candle thing for about 4 full months, and now it’s time for a new catalog. This means new scents and products. I have the sample pots for nearly all of the current scents, but I really don’t know them all yet. So…this post is dedicated to three of my favorite scents that were in the last catalog (though some are still be available).

Pineapple and Cilantro

This was one of my first Gold Canyon candles. The scent is only available in the pillar series. When the box arrived, I was amazed that I could smell the candle even through the sturdy box that surrounds it. Then I removed the golden yellow candle from its container, closed my eyes and inhaled the fragrance. My goodness. My mouth immediately started watering and I could practically feel the ripe pineapple and peach juices dripping off my chin. It was amazing. For weeks afterwards, my mouth would water just talking about the candle.

(This scent is currently available)

Gingerbread House

Ah…the spicy scent of ginger mixed with the delicious aroma of brown sugar make for one yummy scent! I have this bit of scrumptiousness in both a scent pod and a five ounce heritage candle. It is also one of the scents that I have an extra sample pot of, so I keep one in my office at work. When I want to make the office smell extra nice (usually when someone heats up a strong smelling lunch in the break room across the hall), I just open the little sample pot. The aroma is strong enough to fill the office without knocking me out.

Warm Welcome

Almonds. Cherries. Vanilla. Cinnamon. Who doesn’t enjoy these three fragrances – especially when blended together? This scent is available as a Comforts of Home candle and as a Scent Pod. I have both. I initially purchased this scent as an 11 ounce candle, but knew before it was finished burning that I needed to get the larger 20 ounce. It’s that heavenly.

(This scent is currently available)

As I become more familiar with the new catalog, I will post about some of my newer favorite scents.

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