Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Best of Boston

Last week I was in Boston. While there I managed to see some wonderful historical places...and eat some delicious foods.

One of the best meals I had was also one of the most expensive. My friend R and I went about town on Thursday, and stopped at the Omni Parker House hotel. We had a late breakfast, so weren't overly hungry, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to eat at this historical location. Not only were Parker House rolls developed there, but also Boston Cream Pie.

R and I both ordered Boston Cream Pie. Additionally, I ordered a crock of French Onion soup and my usual unsweetened, fresh brewed ice tea with no lemon. R also ordered hot cocoa. Our server brought us a basket of Parker House Rolls and Boston Brown Bread.

Our meal's total: just over $34.

It was totally worth it.

R and I both took photos of our dessert. Even though I was stuffed, I ate every bite.

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