Sunday, January 17, 2010

Best of the Best – Youth Media Awards, part 1

Very bright and early tomorrow morning I will be attending the Youth Media Awards. This is the third time I’ve attended the event at ALA Midwinter Meeting, but the first time (and hopefully not the last time) I will attend as a committee member.

Many have likened this event to the Academy Awards for our field. Librarians, publishers, authors, illustrators and others in youth media fields will be anxiously awaiting the results. The awards given can make an unknown author an overnight success.

You can watch the awards online by going to this website.

Nearly anyone who really knows me will tell you, I'm not a morning person. Far from it. I often sleep through alarms, and find it hard to think coherently when I first get out of bed. Yet tomorrow morning I will need to be bright eyed and wide awake in time for a 6:30 a.m. photograph. Good gods. I'm sure I'll look a fright! At least I won't be the only one, as I'm sure there are many on the various awards committees that will be too nervous/excited to sleep much tonight.

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