Saturday, January 23, 2010

home sweet home

One of the best things about being home after a trip away? Being able to cook your own meal.

Granted, I hate the cleaning part afterwards, but I love to cook. I enjoyed nearly all of the food in Boston. I did not, however, enjoy the lack of veggies with some of the meals. Thankfully I took lots of clementines with me, so at least I had lots of fresh fruit (and something healthy to eat).

Tonight I made a chicken pot pie. It was quite yummy. Not nearly as yummy as the chicken pot pie that R's mom made for us Tuesday night, but still hit the spot. As usual, I made enough to feed a small army. Guess I know what we will be eating much of this weekend!

I used organic boneless, skinless chicken breasts and thighs, diced sweet onion fresh sliced baby bella mushrooms, frozen corn and lima beans, frozen carrots and frozen potatoes O'Brien (with peppers and onions). I cooked the chicken, onions and carrots in a can of low sodium chicken broth and then used the liquid left at the end to make the gravy. I used refrigerated pie crust for the top.

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