Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just the essentials

As I mentioned, I have a trip planned for next week. A long trip in that 1. I’ll be out of town for almost a week, and 2. the travel time to and from equals more than 24 hours. Since I’m not driving, I don’t have to pay attention along the way. Yay! From what I hear, I’m not the greatest navigator, so it’s a good thing I’m not involved in choo-chooing the train.

So…what kind of things will I do to keep occupied during the time actually traveling? I expect to nap for at least a bit of that time. I love me some sleep! I also plan to pack a bag of goodies to keep me occupied. That bag will include:
  • Yarn and knitting needles. I have at least one project that I need to finish. I also plan to take a couple skeins of cotton to make some dishcloths.
  • MP3 player. Right now there are a ton of songs on it. I should put a book on it as well.
  • Laptop. This will be in its own carrying case. As there won’t be wireless available, I won’t be able to play online. (Oh, noes! Whatever will happen to my Facebook games!). But…I can type, play other games, watch a movie and even listen to music/audiobooks. Yay!
  • Book. Only one, as I will probably pick up many free books (mostly Advanced Readers Copies) at the conference. I’m not sure what book just yet.
  • Puzzles. I have a word search book (or few) around the house. I need to dig up one to take along with me.
  • Snacks. Yup. Food is a necessity on a long trip. The train has a snack car, and we will partake of train cheese (as friend R and I call it), but on a 14ish hour trip I will need more than a few pieces of cheese and crackers.

So…there’s my list of things to keep me occupied/from going even more crazy. What do you take on long trips?

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  1. Always books. Thats about the only thing that is consistent. :)