Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yay! Mail!

Last week I ordered some of the new scents. They arrived a few days ago. I am so pleased! The scents I ordered were: Love Struck (in a scent pod), Moroccan Vanilla Amber, Grass and Pink Lemonade Spritzer (all 5 ounce Heritage candles).

Love Struck reminds me of Victoria Secret’s Love Spell scent. My sister G used to buy that body wash. I think I’ll be buying a couple of candles in that scent!

I was excited to read that we were getting the Grass scent, as I’ve had several people ask me about it in the past. It smells so lovely – just like a spring afternoon. Ahhh.

Pink Lemonade Spritzer smells delish as well. I’m not a fan of pink lemonade (the drink), but this candle smells so yummy and refreshing!

The only scent that didn’t stand out to me was the Moroccan Vanilla Amber. Perhaps it is just because I sniffed it after sniffing the others. It just didn’t seem overly strong or distinctive.

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