Thursday, December 24, 2009


It’s the holiday season. For many, this means family traditions will be completed yet again. One holiday tradition that my family had when I was growing up was attending Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Not every family member went each year, and there may have been years that we missed the late service. If so, I don’t recall. As an adult, there have been years that I have missed Midnight Mass (and a few times that I was disappointed in the service enough to wish I missed it).

Last year the hubby surprised me by taking me to the service at a church near our house. I loved the small size of the parish and the welcoming atmosphere. Over the last year I have often said that I wanted to attend mass at that church again. A year has gone by and tonight will be the first time we’ve been back. While I wish that I had made more of an effort to go on Sunday mornings, I’m happy that my husband is supporting the continuation of the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass tradition.

We’ve started a few traditions of our own over the years. Notably would be opening at least one (if not all) of our Christmas gifts late on Christmas Eve (usually after Mass, so it would technically be Christmas Day). Some years this is extended by staying up most of the night watching movies.

My ILs have a tradition of hiding a glass pickle ornament on one of their Christmas trees. Whichever grandchild finds it receives a small amount of money (A dollar? Five? I can’t recall exactly how much).

So tell me…What holiday traditions do you have?

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