Monday, December 14, 2009

Knit Night

Ah. I adore the second Monday of the month. Why? Because that is knit night. A few years ago I decided to do something unusual for me and attended a knitting meet up. What made it so unusual was that I didn’t know anyone in the group. Since then I’ve become much better at trying things by myself.

I love this group. Over the past few years it has grown from an average attendance of 3 to between 15-20 people attending! Most of us are knitters, but there are some who crochet, sew and cross stitch.

Another reason I love this group is that I’ve made some great friends. When I moved here I only knew people through work or through my husband (including his family), having left my friends and family in SE Michigan and northern WV – both at least a 2 hours drive away. Now I have a close knit group of friends here (pun intended) in the area where I live. This makes for a much happier Ama.


I’m still working on the hat for my coworker/friend who is going through chemo. I told her last week that by the time I finish it she will have hair again. Her remark? That her hair will be down her back by then. Nice, eh? rofl

The hat is nearly finished. I just need to start the decreasing for the top. That means I need to get one of my knitty friends to help me figure out what to do, as it’s been a while since I made a hat and this one does not have a pattern.


  1. That is awesome on the group. I was just talking to a friend about how nice it would be to start one's own group. :)

  2. I miss my knitting group. I long for the day when I have time to actually knit again.