Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Good for the soul.

A friend of mine has been blogging about doing mitzvahs (good deeds).

As I was running errands this afternoon, I earned a hug from a stranger for such a small thing, but I think that it really made both of our days.

What was the small thing? Actually, it was two. 1. She dropped her receipt as she was leaving the store. I was behind her and noticed it and gave it back to her. 2. It ended up that she was parked beside me. After I unloaded my cart, I waited another minute and then offered to take her cart to the buggy return.

The other mitzvah for today…I had a bunch of stuff that I was purchasing and nearly all of it was on the belt. Then I noticed that the girl behind me only had two items. I offered to let her go before me, saving her at least 10 minutes of waiting in line.

Again, it was a little thing. But those little things can make all the difference to someone.

Have you been the receiver of a mitzvah?

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  1. Its amazing how much a small thing can improve a person's day! A person should really strive to do something every day, could you imagine what a nicer place the world would be?