Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas is coming...

I love giving gifts. There’s something special about giving a (near) perfect gift. So, it’s no surprise that I love this time of year. Not only do I have Christmas gifts to give, but starting in January I have a whole slew of birthday gifts to give to family members. This is becoming a little more difficult, though, as my family spreads further apart. For example, my middle sister G and her hubby live in Texas. (Ye-haw, y’all.) Texas would otherwise be known as “Too dang hot for this Yankee.”

Recently I ordered Christmas presents for G and K. Since they are quite some distance from me, I had the box shipped directly to their home. It arrived yesterday and G was able to open it tonight, since I gave her permission to not wait until Christmas. lol She sounded so tickled about the gifts! I bought them a Black Footed Square pod warmer, two scent pods (Cobblestone and Ivy Path and Cinnamon Vanilla) and a bottle of Homeology Rosemary Mint All Purpose Cleaner. I could just picture the pod warmer in their living room. It perfectly matches the style of furniture. I hoped that the scents I choose would fit their preferences, and G assured me that they did – especially the Cobblestone and Ivy Path. The cleaner was just something I thought they would appreciate. They are both what I would call “neat freaks” (but not in a bad way), and the cleaner is an eco-friendly one. I use it in my own home, and really like it a lot.

Now…here’s hoping the rest of my Christmas list equally loves their gifts. Of course, I need to finish getting them together first!

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