Tuesday, April 6, 2010

woe is me...

at least when it comes to computers. Specifically, laptops.

Hubby accidentally spilled milk on his laptop. This meant that most of last week it was not working at all. It is working again, but not without issues. Now the keys are kinda wonky, making it difficult to type anything.

This means I'm stuck using the cracktop...my nearly 6 years old laptop that has both Velcro and duct tape keeping various parts together. Seriously. It has a multitude of issues. The two most annoying would be how slow the machine runs and it's tendency to frequently drop the wireless connection. There is much swearing and muttering under my breath when I am using this machine.

I have photos to share. Gardening photos. Party display photos. I'm sure a few other photos, too. Alas...the cracktop can't handle the attempt of reading my photocard. The two times I tried it crashed the machine. *sigh*

Isn't technology grand?


  1. what about using an external keyboard with the laptop. would that make life easier?

  2. That is a possibility. I know we have one somewhere in the house...