Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just the scraps.

Last night was the monthly scrapbooking group I joined in March. The theme was National Scrapbook Day (which is actually next weekend). Everyone who attended got a little gift (a package of stickers). The demos also drew names for small door prizes – which everyone won. There was also a contest to see who could finish the most layouts that night. I won with ten layouts! Yay!

My mind was elsewhere when I was packing up for the event, though. I say this because I forgot both my set of scissors and a paper cutter. I also forgot to bring the scrapbook I purchased last month. Regardless, I still did a pretty good job!

I love this monthly group. It’s not the same as what I had in Michigan, but I miss that a little less. It’s great to get together with other scrapbookers and bounce layout ideas around, share tools, and generally have a great time.

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