Monday, April 5, 2010

Dear Maven, What is the shelf life of our EMERGE products? I found one under my sink that may have been there for well over a year. It seemed OK but didn’t have much of a fragrance left.

You know my first question is going to be ‘why on earth would you hide a wonderful EMERGE product under your sink?!’ On the other hand, I am glad you are concerned about still using the old EMERGE you found!

Fragrance is the first thing that starts to go when you keep your cosmetics too long. Such a waste too because the EMERGE fragrance is so wonderful. However, once fragrance is gone, that doesn’t mean the product is useless. The shelf life of EMERGE is one year but can be longer if kept in cooler conditions—the warmer environment can reduce the shelf life of cosmetics.

As long as the product smells OK and looks OK, it is generally safe to use. I know you’re probably just trying to not waste a perfectly good product, but since the renewing fragrance of EMERGE is so important to the experience, it’s probably better to just get a fresh product. I wouldn’t want you missing out on “The World’s Finest”® EMERGE experience!

P.S. Remember to refer to the Product Knowledge Guide. You can find a lot of this information about shelf life and storage temps in there.

Helping you enjoy “The World’s Finest”,


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