Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Tastes - Hazelnut Fudge Pops

I love fudge pops.  Actually, I love all sorts of frosty treats.  So when I saw this recipe on Pinterest, I knew that I wanted to try making it.  I bought some cute rocket ship-shaped ice pop molds at Target ($1 for the set) and…they sat on my counter for a month.

A few nights ago I decided to finally put those molds to use.  So I pulled up the recipe for the fudge pops.  Two ingredients.  Nice and simple.  Except I never have hazelnut chocolate milk.  What I did have was skim milk and cocoa.  So I adjusted the recipe a bit and added one ingredient. 

See.  Simple.  Milk, cocoa and chocolate hazelnut spread.  Pay no attention the the large container of oatmeal lurking in the back.  

 So first I put the skim milk in my large measuring bowl. 

 I then added the cocoa and whisked until frothy. 

 Next came the hazelnut spread.  I used the new Jif Chocolate Hazelnut  spread...

 ...and whisked until mixed very well.

Then it was time to fill the molds! The recipe made more than the molds could hold, so I put the rest into small containers and plopped them in the freezer as well.

Lastly came the most difficult part.  Finding room in my freezer for the molds! 

About 12 hours after putting them in the freezer, I tried the end result (one of the small containers). OMG. Talk about delicious!!  The consistency changed a bit as I dug deeper into the container (perhaps due to the type of milk I used? Will try another time with whole milk), but it didn't matter.  Every bite was a little bit of rich chocolate-hazelnut heaven.  I will definitely make this again!

The recipe:

1 1/2 c.  milk
1/3 c. cocoa powder
1/2 c. chocolate hazelnut spread

Whisk together the milk and cocoa until mixed frothy.  Add chocolate hazelnut spread and whisk until mixed uniformly. Pour into molds and chill for at least 2 hours.

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