Monday, September 17, 2012

Miscellanous Monday

September has been filled with all sorts of excitement. 

The month started off with vacation.  It was mostly a stay-cation for me, but extra special because my friend Sharon, who lives in Canada, came to visit for a week. We went to a scrapbooking crop, shopped a lot, got manicures and just had a relaxing and fun time.

Then, on September 10 my sister in Texas gave birth to Madelynn Joy.  Madelynn is my parents’ first grandchild. She is absolutely beautiful! 

That same evening, the hubby and I added our own bundle of joy to our family.  Spike got a little sister named Luna.  One year old and full of energy, we found this Boston terrier beauty through a Facebook group that hubby and I belong to.  Luna and Spike are still adjusting to one another, but overall they have been getting along well. 

On Saturday, Spike and Luna had a playdate with their furcousins Murphy and Bennie.  We found out that Luna can run like crazy and that she loves rawhide type treats.  Sunday was spent mostly sleeping – especially Spike.  Poor guy doesn’t bounce back from playdates as well as he once did. 

Both of my furry babies have a vet appointment on Friday.  Hopefully they will get clean bills of health.  Since we have a new baby in the house, I have been doing some research on dogs.  I’m also trying to slowly change their food from an all-kibble diet to a healthier, fresher food diet (2/3 cooked food, 1/3 kibble).  Any recommendations for recipes are welcome!  I now know that Luna enjoys cottage cheese, but isn’t fond of carrots.  Spike will eat cottage cheese, but he really LOVES semi-cooked carrots.

Keep an eye out for photos to be posted later this week!

In not so fun excitement, this weekend was spent dealing with plumbing issues – again – in our house.  This time it was the kitchen/laundry room (they share a common main pipe).  This is far from the first time we’ve encountered issues.  Looks like I can’t use the garbage disposal without issues arising. Bah.  Humbug.  Thankfully the hubby and his dad were able to get it fixed. 

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  1. Aww, congratulations on all the new additions to your family- two and four legged ones alike! Sorry I missed Sharon when she was here. I would have liked to meet her in person.