Saturday, September 15, 2012

Scent-sational Saturday - Votives

Dear Maven,

I bought votives this year for the first time (loved the Cozy Christmas scent!) but they tend to make a mess of the votive glass holders. Is there any trick to lessen the mess? Please share!

Stuck on Votives
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Dear Stuck on Votives,
Girl … where have you been? I can’t believe you just now realized how wonderful our votives are. I’m glad you finally caught up to speed but, wow—have you been missing out! When it comes to cleaning, I generally let my people take care of it for me. But I do happen to have a little trick up my sleeve when it comes to cleaning out votive glasses. The secret is to stick them in your freezer for a few hours. I usually pop them in-between the stems of my chilled martini glasses. Two to three episodes of Desperate Housewives later, the wax is ready to be popped out. You can do this with a butter knife or flat screwdriver. If there is any residue, our Wax Remover will get it right off!
Your Votive Vixen,

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