Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why host a Gold Canyon party?

So, Ama, tell me why I should host a Gold Canyon party?

Well, my friend, there are so many reasons!

  • For a minimal investment (just a few refreshments – soda, chips and dip, brownies, etc.) you can earn at least $20 in FREE Gold Canyon product! Most of my hostesses have earned at least $40 in free products and one item at half off the price!
  • It’s a great “excuse” for spending time with friends and family. Whether hosting a general Gold Canyon party, or a themed one such as Spa Day, Ugly Candle, or Wickless Wonders, nothing beats the time hanging out and having fun!
  • Thinking about earning some extra income? Try hosting your own Gold Canyon party and see what your potential earnings may be! Consider the party a "try before you buy" experience.
  • Shop at home and give to charity at the same time! When you and your guests purchase Gold Canyon products, a portion of EVERY purchase goes directly to children in need through our Prayer Child program. Additionally, the proceeds of every Candles for Kids candle is given to the Prayer Child foundation. Want to give more? You can also donate any amount of money desired just by adding it to the order form.
  • Are your candle jars coated in soot? Is there a tunnel of wax through the middle? When you host a Gold Canyon party, you and your guests will learn the proper way to care for a candle, and just why Gold Canyon's double wicked candles are the best in the field!
  • With over 100 scents available, Gold Canyon has a scent for everyone. By hosting a party, you will be able to sample each scent, choosing those that you know you will love. Also, with a new catalog coming out three times a year, the variety and of decor and scents suites every season.
  • Looking for a different fundraiser for your group, but aren't sure that Gold Canyon is the right product? By hosting a party your friends and family can check out the Heritage line of candles and sample the popular scents available for fundraisers. It's a great way to try before buying!

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