Monday, March 8, 2010

party day

Yesterday was a party day, and not just for me. While I headed out to do a candle party, the hubby headed to his sister P’s house for a birthday party. Our niece E will be 13 on Wednesday. How did that happen?!?

My party was a success. This is especially true considering that only ten days passed between booking the party and its happening. About 15 people were invited and 4 people attended. There were a few who couldn’t due to family birthday parties. As I said, it was party day.

So far the sales for the party are around $240. Ten more dollars in sales and the hostess will be getting one half price item and $40 in free products! There are a few more people who have expressed interest in ordering from the party, but couldn’t attend, so I feel confident that it will close near $400 in sales.

FYI: $400 in sales = $100 in commission for me. Not too shabby, eh?

And, an added bonus: One of the people who attended yesterday has booked a party at her house for the end of April. Yay!

In other fun news, tonight is knit group night. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, I will be getting those evilly adorable knit kits tonight. Here’s hoping it doesn’t end up as money wasted and I will actually be able to make those sweet baby hats and diaper covers.

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  1. You must post pictures!

    Way to go on the party!