Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pay Day!

It’s the tenth of the month, and that means it is Gold Canyon Pay Day!

My commission for February wasn’t huge, but I’m still pleased. I didn’t have a traditional party schedule, other than the one at my house which was canceled due to snow. My total commission for the month, including overrides, was $140.09. Some of that I retained when I entered orders as a party. The rest – $69.25 – was deposited into my checking account today. Yay!

Not too shabby for a few hours worth of work.

I’m already up to about $75 in commission for this month. That’s just from one party! I have another party scheduled for later in the month. I know that I’ll hit override commissions for this month. I’m almost there already!

All active Gold Canyon demonstrators earn at least 25% in commission. That means for every $100 in products sold, we earn $25. Once we hit $300 in sales (in the US. $345 in Canada), our commission goes up another percent (26%). We can actually earn up to 36% commission! That doesn’t include money earned off of our downline or from traditional fundraisers.

Check out the Personal Sales Commissions chart:

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