Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear Maven - Homeology

Dear Maven,

We are loving all of the new green cleaning products but a couple of questions arise. Is the All Purpose Cleaner anti-bacterial? The kitchen counters are shining, but can I eat off of them?
No, Homeology products do not claim to be anti-bacterial products. The reason? We love Homeology for what it was intended for—a natural, safe way to clean without harsh chemicals.

To kill germs you can bet there has to be some pretty heavy stuff involved. By law, any product claiming to be an anti-bacterial product must use specific active ingredients. We did not want to use those type of ingredients in Homeology products as they can be much too harsh for everyday use. And harsh is being polite—I’ve used some of these anti-bacterial products and I wish I’d brought a biohazard mask to save me from the fumes.

The only time I would recommend using those harsher chemicals is when cleaning up after you’ve worked with raw meat. (But only in the areas needed and only as needed.) Otherwise, think of Homeology as your main squeeze when it comes to everyday use and for clean-ups from spills.

We have chosen Homeology to be a well-balanced blend of cleaning with minimal chemicals and impact on the environment. Bonus: Homeology smells great, too. And yes, Homeology is non-toxic so you can eat off your counters after you spray them.

Happy Homeology cleaning,

Dear Maven is a column in our monthly demonstrator’s newsletters. I have not written any of these articles, but am sharing them here for your information.

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