Thursday, May 13, 2010

midweek update

Let's see....what's going on in Ama's world...

Hubby was sick with a respiratory bug. That was a few weeks ago.

Then, starting about a week ago, I came down with a respiratory bug.

Then Tuesday morning the puppyboy came down with a respiratory bug.

See a pattern?

Hubby was well within a few days. Puppyboy is getting better thanks to a visit to the vet's office and some antibiotics. I will be getting better soon thanks to a visit to my doctor's office and some good meds (antibiotics and a steroid, since I have bronchitis).

So my wonderful plans for last Friday were dashed to the ground, as I ended up leaving work at 12:30 and heading home to sleep. I took a nap for nearly 6 hours. Geesh. That meant I didn't get to the store to buy garden stuff. Perhaps next week?

I did talk to my dad last week and asked about plants. I can't recall now what he has for me, but do know I'll be putting a bunch of plants in my van when I return from the Memorial Day trip to Michigan.

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