Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dear Maven - Leftover candle wax and Pod Warmers

Dear Maven,

Is it safe to put the Heritage®, Bella®, Inspirations or any other Gold Canyon glass candle on the Pod Warmers to use up any last remnants of the candle wax or will the temperature of the Warmer be too hot for the glass? I have several customers who tell me they do this and I want to be able to warn them if there could be any hazards.

To make a long story short and answer your question, no, the heat is not too much, but, and this is a big BUT, the quality of the fragrance won't be what your customers are expecting and definitely not what they deserve from Gold Canyon.

Gold Canyon has a patent on the Scent Pods® and Warmers, a product for which we painstakingly ensured that the Pod Warmer, Scent Pod container and fragrance all play nice to create a quality experience for you. Any time a different type of product is used, it has the potential of resulting in a flawed experience.

I know, I know—everyone is trying to be super thrifty nowadays, but this isn’t one of those times to reuse. Just not worth it.

Keep the following info in your back
pocket for next time your customers ask you about that remaining wax they are trying to use: The last remains will contain the wick adhesive (not designed to smell good, by the way) and will have wick and other debris which will impart a smoky smell and not look very pretty either. This certainly doesn't showcase the excellent fragrance quality for which Gold Canyon is known.

After interviewing the experts in Research and Development, the best advice I have is to tell your customers to just throw away the last bit of wax and be happy knowing this is a safe and very reasonably priced candle. That last bit of wax is your safety insurance policy and it has done its job, holding all wick debris and keeping the bottom of your candle from getting too hot and bursting.

If you must, you can suggest to these customers that they use the warmers to melt out the last bit of wax in their jars, BUT (notice that’s another big BUT) they must realize this is a cleaning process and not a fragrance experience.

Looking out for your best interest,


Dear Maven is a column in our monthly demonstrator’s newsletters. I have not written any of these articles, but am sharing them here for your information.

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