Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dear Maven - Soy Candles

Dear Maven
One question I get as a Demonstrator is “How do our candles compare to soy candles?” What makes our candles better?

It’s great to hear that you already know our candles are better. Smart girl. However, I know it’s sometimes hard when you’re put on the spot and want to tell your prospective customer, Host or new Demonstrator exactly why Gold Canyon is better.

Regarding your question about soy candles, it’s actually pretty hard to compare if you don’t know exactly which type of soy candle your customer is working with. If they don’t give you any details about their soy candle, that’s like telling your husband/boyfriend, etc. to go to the store and buy ice cream. You would never ask someone to go get you ice cream without explaining first that you want the death by chocolate flavor with all the fat and the calories in the premium brand.

It’s the same idea with soy candles—they come in so many varieties. If someone is really fond of their soy candle, they should give a brand and flavor explanation, otherwise all bets of trying to compare are off.

If I’m forced to generalize, I do know one area of weakness for all soy candles except Gold Canyon’s soy candles. Gold Canyon’s soy candles are different because we refuse to compromise on our fragrance strength and character while the candle is cold or while it is burning. We know our customers’ top priority is a strong, true-to-life smelling fragrance. So, unlike many of our competitors, we keep fragrance first and foremost at top of mind. Gold Canyon is not willing to allow our fragrance burning strength to become lessened by using soy wax, as so many other candle companies do. Gold Canyon employs the latest technology to optimize our wax and fragrance oils to bring the best smelling candles while cold and while burning.

Of course, there may be other areas where the competition falls down. Examples might include burn time, consuming all of the wax, sooting, choosing ugly fragrance and colors, etc.
Unfortunately, without knowing the specific candle it is hard to say. When in this sticky situation, it’s best to point out all of the benefits of Gold Canyon. All of the good things you already know about Gold Canyon are always true of any new product we create. Like I said above, we never compromise on fragrance strength and with two wicks, even burning, high quality wax, etc, there’s a lot to tout when it comes to Gold Canyon.

In my opinion, no other company is ever going to measure up, so why compare in the first place! By the way, have you seen “The World’s Finest”® section of our new catalog? This a great place to get more information and help your customers see the Gold Canyon difference.

Dear Maven is a column in our monthly demonstrator’s newsletters. I have not written any of these articles, but am sharing them here for your information.

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