Friday, February 1, 2013

Frugal Friday - Family Fun

This is from a handout I made for work. 

Use Your Imagination: Creative Ideas For Imaginative Play

Engaging activities with your child doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. By using both of your imaginations, you can have a fantastic and fun filled afternoon.
Clip a story

  • Have a bunch of old magazines lying around the house? Get out the scissors and start clipping away! Pictures can be used to illustrate and tell stories or make collages. Words and letters can be used to write poems or notes.

Guessing games

  • Who hasn’t played I Spy? Pick out an object and see who can guess what it is.

Scavenger hunt

  • Write or draw a list of items for your child then send her hunting the house or yard for those items.

Word games

  • Rhyming – take turns guessing what rhymes with different words
  • A, my name is – Go through the alphabet and see who can come up with the craziest combination. “A my name is Amanda, my friend’s name is Alex. We live in Arizona and we sell apricots.”

Entertainment tonight!

  • Play dress up and make a play on the spot
  • Put random things in a bag. Pull out five items and tell as story about them.
  • Sock puppet plays – Use socks as puppets. Have a sock without a mate? Decorate it with markers and miscellaneous items to make a fun new character.

Free places to go:

  • The Library
Your local library offers many programs for all ages. Go for a program, or just to find a great book to share with your child. There’s also puzzles, puppets and more (for in library use).

  • Museums
Many museums are free to the public.

  • Parks
Take a walk in the woods. Swim in the lake. Play on swings and slides.

  • Check the local newspaper
There’s always something going on in the area. Check the local paper for fairs, concerts, and other free community events.

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