Friday, January 25, 2013

Frugal Friday - Coupons for overseas military

Have a ton of expired coupons? Hate throwing them away?  If they are American coupons and less than six months after the expiration date, you can send them to US military stationed overseas! Military grocery stores, called a Commissary, will accept expired manufacturer coupons.   There are also retail stores, called Base/Post/Navy Exchanges (BX, PX or NX) that will also accept manufacturer coupons. 

A few notes:

  • You can send any amount of coupons, whether one or one million!
  • Coupons are accepted at the base stores up to six months past the expiration date; however, it does take time for those coupons to arrive at the overseas bases.  Because of this, it is better to send coupons that are not more than two or three months past their expiry dates.
  • You can mail clipped coupons or whole inserts.  Clipped will cost less, as you will have a smaller amount of unnecessary paper, which can add up quickly!
  • Sorting the coupons into two groups is extremely beneficial to the people receiving them.  You don’t have to sort into many small groups.  Just put the coupons in two separate piles: Food Items and Non-Food Items.  It is best to put the sorted coupons into plastic baggies, as paper clips, rubber bands and similar holders can be separated during mailing.
  • Not sure if an item would be considered food?  If it is usually consumed by humans, it is food.  Candy, gum, snacks, etc. would be food.  Pet food, vitamins, etc. would be non-food.

Where can you send those expired coupons?
There are many websites dedicated to this cause.  Here are a few:

Additionally, there are several Facebook groups:

This is a wonderful way to support the military and to keep those coupons from going to waste.

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