Friday, December 3, 2010




Pg. 9 – Snowflurries Luminary Pg. 12 – Pumpkin Patch Warmer

Pg. 13 – Candy Twist Warmer Pg. 15 – Black Candle Stick Warmer

Pg. 16 – Patchwork Warmer

Pg. 19 – Scent Pod Scents – Amber & Vintage Bouquet, Candy Corn, Cinnamon Garland, Citrus Garden Herb, Coconut Lime Verbena, Cotton Splash, Cozy Cabin, Cozy Christmas, Currant, Days of Christmas, Fresh Denim, Gingerbread House, Grapefruit Splash, Heather & Hyancinth, Jasmine, Juicy Pear, Living Room, Marigold, Mint Mocha, Peppermint Bark, Pool Towel, Powder & Violet Fleur, Refresh, Revitalize, Rose, Serenity, Sleigh Ride, Sprice & Citrus, Sunrise Tangelo, Vanilla, Vanilla Latte, Warm Welcome, White Sage & Rose Noir, Woods & Vanilla Romantique

Pg. 21 – ALL Bookmarks
Pg. 21 – Linen Scents – Awaken, Harmony, Pool Towel, Quiet Moments, Rose, Sensual, Sweet Pea
Pg. 21 – Room Spray – Harmony, Pillow Talk, Quiet Moments, Relaxing, Sensual, Spruce & Citrus, Warm Apple Crisp
Pg. 21 – Auto Freshners – Cinnamon, Fresh Denim, Fresh Orange, Pillow Talk, Pomegranate, Pool Towel

Pg. 25 – Homeology – Eco Shopper, Cleanse, Leaf Tray

Pg. 27-29 – Emerge – Body Crème, Body Polish, Give yourself a Hand, Bare Necessities

Pg. 30 – Bella Scents – Apple Spice, Birthday Cake, Cinnamon, Cozy Cabin, Cozy Christmas

Pg. 35 – Boutique Chic – Amber & Vintage Bouquet, Powder & Violet Fleur, White Sage & Rose Noir, Woods & Vanilla Romantique

Pg. 36 – Coffee House – Mint Mocha, Vanilla Latte

Pg. 39 – Candles For Kids – Apple Of My Eye, No More Sniffles

Pg. 40 – Comforts of Home Line

Pg. 44 – Heritage Scents – Heather & Hyacinth, Jasmine, Marigold, Rose, Cotton Splash, Fresh Denim, Cozy Christmas, Christmas Presence, Currant, Days of Christmas, Orange Mango, Orange Vanilla, Pink Lemonade Spritzer, Sunrise Tangelo, Cinnamon Garland, Cozy Cabin, King’s Myrrh, Sleigh Ride, Sprice & Citrus, Water Garden, Gingerbread House, Mrs. Claus’s Kitchen, Peppermint Bark, Tangerine & Spice

Pg 46 – Tealight Scents – Apple Spice, Birthday Cake, Cedar Woods, Citrus Garden Herb, Cobbler on the porch, Cozy Christmas, Cranberry Orange, Fabulous Fudge Brownie, Fresh Orange, Holiday Wreath, Mulled Cider, Pineapple Coast, Quiet Moments, Sparkling Apricot, Vanilla Latte, Warm Apple Crisp, Warm Welcome, White Sage & Rose Noir, Woods & Vanilla Romantique

Pg. 47 – Votive Scents – Apple Spice, Cinnamon, Cozy Christmas, Fresh Orange, Lilac, Love Struck, Pumpkin Pie, Sleigh ride, Sugar Cookie

Pg. 50 – Breast Cancer Awareness – Pink Sugar Cookie

Pg. 52 – Boo! Fragrance Line Pg. 54 – Jolliday Fragrance Line

Pg. 55 – Mystyle Seasonal Labels – Fall/Holiday Pg. 56 – Winter Splendor Fragrances

Pg. 58 – Sparkle Jack-O-Lantern Pg. 61 – Autumn Leaves Candle Wrap

Pg. 62 – Antiqued Wire Basket, Mini Autumn Turkey Pg. 63 – Artisan Glass & Iron Server

Pg. 64 & 65 – Red Dazzlewrap Beads, Swizzle Candy Columns, Whimsy Tealight Columns

Pg. 66 – Squared Crystal Votives

Pg. 68 & 69 – Snow Shimmer Tray, Tealight Snow Bell, Jeweled Candle Ring, Snowfall Luminary

Pg. 70 & 71 – Snowflake Twinkle Tie, Gilded Fleur De Lis

Pg. 73 – Birthday Delights

Orders for any of the items being discontinued must be received by December 31st! I recommend ordering ASAP to ensure availability!

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