Monday, February 8, 2010

snow daze

hrm. so I've been a lazy blogger again. Obviously I didn't make daily blogging a habit. I guess it takes me more than the three weeks or so to develop a habit.


This weekend brought a ton of snow to our area, and rumor has it we are to expect more within the next few days. Yay. Snow! I do love snow. I don’t, however, even remotely enjoy worrying about the hubby as he is driving through that kind of weather. I also don't like having to cancel my Gold Canyon party due to the craptastic roads.

Spike isn’t too keen on the snow. He thinks he wants to go out, but he really doesn’t. He doesn’t even try to catch snowflakes anymore.

I should probably make sure to take home a few of the books in my office so I have reading material if we are snowed in again this week. Maybe that "to be read" pile will finally go down a bit.

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