Thursday, December 19, 2013

Smiling is my favorite

Just stopping by to share a few things that have recently brought a smile to my face.

This video.  Sure it might be a marketing ploy.  Regardless, more companies need to do this kind of thing.

This song.  Namely the parts about shopping, other holidays, and seeing Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween.

These two crazy pups.**  Seriously, they might drive me a little nutty sometimes (especially the little one), but they can always make me feel happy. 

Handsome puppyboy, Spike.  He will be 11 soon!

How can you sleep like that, Luna Belle?

From December 2012.
**By the way - they are in a contest.  You can vote for them by clicking here and liking their photo.  Contest ends December 31, 2013.

This little girl.  If only she didn’t live 1400 miles away. *sigh*  I love hearing stories of her antics, seeing how big she is getting through photos, talking to her on Skype, and just everything about her. 
Maddiecakes takes her crafting very seriously!

The hubby.  He’s good at making me smile.  He keeps telling me that he needs to finish Christmas shopping for me…even though I’ve told him many times that the Elton John concert tickets we just bought should be considered my present for this year. 
The hubby's beloved '55 Chevy truck. It's almost as awesome as he is.

One last thing:  I’m going to see Elton John in concert!  That makes me smile a lot.   

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