Friday, October 4, 2013

Considering Direct Sales?

Considering Direct Sales?
from Guest Blogger Sharon Katzman
Have you ever thought about selling something like Tupperware or Gold Canyon Candles but weren’t sure if it was for you?  Maybe you love the product but aren’t sure if you can make money at it or what the expenses are really going to be like?  I have written a book called Picking a Direct Sales Company and Getting Started (Direct Sales Help) which helps you with this process.  It includes information to help you decide what company is a good fit for you, what questions you should ask and how to pick through the information you receive.   There are also some common questions that are asked as well as answers that will help you decide if you want to go this route.
Not only does this book help you decide which company you should go with but it also explores striking out independently versus going with a company and some of the aspects that you need to consider.  Direct sales are not for everyone and the goal is to help you make the most informed decision possible so that you will be happy.
Once you have made a decision, the book also assists you with what to do while you wait for your kit and how to get organized.  There is information to help you get organized, how to set up different systems to work effectively and information on email and electronic backups.
One thing this book does not get too deeply into is how to get a lot of bookings and really get your business going.  There is discussion about getting started and getting those first bookings and events to get your business started on the right foot though.  But for a lot more depth into sales and making money, you will want to look at the book that focuses on these aspects.

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