Monday, December 3, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

Blurry photo of Uncle A with his treats.

My month of giving started a bit early.  On Thanksgiving eve I baked cookies and made some candy for my mom to take to one of my uncles.  Every time Uncle A saw me he would ask where his cookies were.  Mom delivered them on Thanksgiving and snapped a blurry photo of him grinning while holding the goodies.   Mom also delivered a box of goodies (of the non-edible variety) to a cousin for her two youngest.

I haven’t really been keeping track of my random good deeds.  That’s not the point of the project.  I can share some of the things I’ve done.

  • Made banana cakes and took slices to three departments at work (well, two were actually branches where I was working that day).
  • I also took a plate of banana cake slices to a local pizza restaurant.  My staff and I have our meetings there about every two months.  We have lunch and then discuss whatever work things we need to go over at that time.  We are rarely there less than 2 hours.  The owner of the restaurant also donates coupons to be used as a Summer Reading prize.  So I figured it would be nice to show my appreciation.
  • Gave a woman and her granddaughter a coupon from my Entertainment book.  I was seated near them and heard the younger one order an appetizer.  The coupon was for a free appetizer with the purchase of two entrees.  They were surprised and delighted.
  • I also gave a couple of coupons to a coworker.  She and her husband like to go roller skating, so I passed along the coupon I had for their local rink.  As they are both gluten free, I also passed along a coupon for a pizza place that I know offers a GF pizza that they both enjoy.
  • The hubby and I choose a child’s wishlist from a giving tree and purchased several items. Thus far this has been the most expensive act of giving.
  •  I pulled two cards from another giving tree and will be donating a $10 gift card for both Walmart and Giant Eagle (a grocery store in our area). 
  •  Sponsored a Night Night Package with ProjectNight Night. This idea came from The Bloggess.
  •  Gave several coworkers Gold Canyon air fresheners for their cars.
I’ve few other ideas mulling in my head, but haven’t yet put them into action.  There is still time, since there is still three weeks until Christmas.

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