Friday, October 19, 2012

Frugal Friday - Couponing 101 (Where to find coupons)

So you’ve decided to save money and use coupons.  Perhaps you even want to develop a stockpile. Where can you find the coupons that you need?  Here are a few great places to get coupons:

Newspapers – most newspapers have the coupons in the Sunday paper.  If you get the paper delivered, though, the Sunday ads and coupons may arrive on a different day.  

Friends and family – Know someone who gets the paper every week but doesn’t use the coupons?  Ask them if you can have their inserts.  Perhaps they do use coupons, but not all of them.  By working together you can all save some money!

Coupon websites– there are many sites for coupons, such as,, and  There are also many blogs that will point you to printable coupon savings.

Facebook – Many companies will periodically offer coupons through their Facebook pages.

An envelope of coupons I sold on eBay.
eBay – Did you know that you can purchase coupons from eBay? This is great for stocking up on items.  You can buy coupons for a specific item or a mystery envelope full of a variety of coupons.  Often the mystery envelopes will contain coupons that have not been made available in your area.

Company websites – Just like they do on Facebook, many companies will periodically post coupons on their websites. 

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