Thursday, September 9, 2010

Millions of Peaches...Peaches for me (not you)

It is with a heavy heart I am writing this message. Actually, it is more like an extremely ticked off heart. Why? Because someone took Every. Single. Peach. from our tree.

Yes. You read that correctly. There are no more peaches on our tree. When I went to work on Tuesday morning, I picked eight or nine peaches from the tree to share with my coworkers. At that time there were still at least two dozen peaches still on the branches as well as a couple on the ground.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning, when I left for work. I pulled down the driveway and stopped to pick a couple peaches to have for breakfast. I looked at the tree and noticed it seemed bare. Granted, we had some storms the night before. Perhaps the wind knocked the peaches to the ground? I checked the ground. There was only one peach – mostly gone, showing the pit, really. That was all.

What. The. Hell.

To whomever took all the peaches from the tree in my front yard: I hope you get sick on them. I’ve some lovely tomatoes, peppers and herbs in the back yard. Want to trespass there and pick them before I can use them? Just like the peaches, they are uncertified organic and very delicious.


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