Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dear Maven - Bath Soak and Body Oil?

Dear Maven,

I have many customers who love the EMERGE™ Renew Your Soul™ Bath Soak and use it as a basic body oil. Is it safe to use it this way or should it only be used as a specified?

Great question. Lucky for us, Gold Canyon has some pretty gifted people on staff (not unlike myself) who can answer just these types of questions so you can rest assured you and your customers are using our products appropriately.

For the answer to your question, I went straight to the top of our R & D food chain to our resident R & D Manager. (She wears a lab coat, so I think she’s legit). She explained that EMERGE Renew Your Soul Bath Soak can in fact be used as a basic body oil. Her only suggestion is to give the bottle a good vigorous shake before using it this way so the ingredients can be mixed together for the optimal EMERGE experience.

I wanted to share some comments from other Demonstrators about just how much they or their customers are enjoying not only the Bath Soak, but other EMERGE products as well. You may gain a new appreciation for a product you haven’t tried yourself yet or a remedy you can share with your customers, family and friends. At the very least, reading about the renewing properties of EMERGE will likely make you want to take a little time to unwind with your favorite EMERGE products – even if you’ve already done that a couple of times today like me.

“The Start Fresh™ Hand Soap is the best, along with the Grains of Truth™ Hand Scrub and Raise Your Hand Silk™.”
- Deb Mill, Sioux Falls, SD

“Customers say the EMERGE Renew Your Soul Bath Soak is absolutely wonderful and relaxing.”
- Lou Dihuzic, Grand Junction, CO

“The Raise Your Hand Silk is great. Customers love how non-greasy it is and how it makes their hands soft.”
- Dorothy Kelly, San Diego, CA

“Since I work with second graders, I am constantly washing my hands. They would crack and bleed on my knuckles in the winter. The Raise Your Hand Silk and Grains of Truth™ Hand Scrub have cured that problem.”
- Jane Stratton, Hillsboro, OH

“I love the EMERGE Raise Your Hand Silk. I am a stocker for a grocery store and my hands break out from cardboard and this has healed my hands.”
- Barb Kipp, Grand Junction, CO
Dear Maven is a column in our monthly demonstrator’s newsletters. I have not written any of these articles, but am sharing them here for your information.

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