Friday, September 13, 2013

Frugal Friday - Learning about Couponing with an Ebook

This is a guest post from my friend Sharon. 

More and more people are getting into couponing.  But, in order to be successful, it takes some time to learn how to coupon effectively and get the best deals.  While you can just take the coupons you get, go to the store, and buy the product, if you wait for sales or watch flyers, you can save more money than just the face value of the coupon.
For this reason, I decided to create a book on Canadian couponing.  I have had friends ask me to help them get started but there is a lot of information and it can be difficult to go through it all.  I had already written a few other kindle books so i decided why not write one specifically aimed to Canadians?  I know there are many websites/Facebook groups for couponing as well and I have included links to these.
I used the alphabet to organize this book and it definitely it not an exhaustive guide.   But I have included a lot of information in this book to help you get started with couponing, with getting the best bang for your buck and a variety of sources to help you get started and find your coupons.
Even if you are not Canadian based, you may find this book helpful if you are trying to learn about couponing.  There is terminology, information on getting good deals and many other bits of information that are universal regardless of where you live.

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